Quick Links

Here are some great links that I visit often.


www.4cycle.com - The ultimate site for 4 cycle karting

www.ekartingnews.com - The nations most comprehensive site for 2 cycle and shifter kart racing with a very active forums section.

www.norcal-karting.com - A great site for all of Northern Califronia's karting.

www.skusaonline.com - Shifter racing across the the USA.

www.portlandkarting.com - My local club page

www.kartparts1.com - A new nation wide kart parts want ads

www.gokartsnw.com - Our newest dealer located in the Seatle Washington Area, specializing in 4 cycle racing.

www.jt-racing.com - One of our dealers.

www.onsightproductions.net - One of the northwests action photographers. Pictures in the gallery are just a sample of this company's work.

www.nwkarting.com - A new site for the nothwest area karting schedules and news.

www.terryives.com - One of our dealers.