About Us

Welcome to Mike's Kart Stands. Thanks for stopping by.

I’ve tried a number of Kart stands while racing over the years, It seemed that each one that I owned would have a feature that I really liked but would lack something else that I wanted.

Soooo I figured I could build one that would work for me. I wanted something that was strong cause I’m a light driver, my karts seem to weight a ton, and I would haul as much as I could on my stand when loading/ unloading my pickup to my pit stall. IE: least possible trips to and from my pickup to the paddock. I needed a large tray that could hold a starter, some tools, small air tank a spare tire, and gallon of gas. I also needed something that I could load the kart from the stand to the pickup by myself.

Then one race day a few people asked where I bought my stand. When I told them that I made it they asked if I could build one for them. Well one thing led to another and here we are.

So take a look and if you have any questions or you want something custom built call or e-mail me.

Thanks again and good luck at the races.