ValveJust Wrench - #KS08VJ - $24.95

  • Adjust valves fast & easy for the Briggs Animal and World Formula racing engines.
  • Valvejust Wrench does not drop down on rocker arm causing miss-settings.
  • Holds the adjusting Allen wrench in place.
  • One hand for the Valvejust wrench and one hand for the feeler gauge.
  • Special pocket to hold the included 1/8” Allen wrench
  • Made in the USA

The VALVEJUST Wrench is a new valve lash adjusting tool that makes adjusting your valves a snap. Designed and made by a Karter for Karters. Valve Lash Settings are crucial to your engines performance. The Valve Just Wrench allows you the tuner to be able to make the precise adjustments in a matter of seconds. No more, double, triple checking your valve lash settings. No more dropping the box wrench on the rocker arm while attempting to set the valve lash. Take the frustration away of holding 3 tools with 2 hands. Its a snap to teach a new karter on how to adjust the valve lash on their motor.


ValveJust Demonstration: