Double Decker Stand - #KS2006DD - $650

Store, Stack 2 karts in the foot print of one!

Mike's Kartstands Double Decker Kartstands take less floor space than other stacker stands. No longer will you need 3 stands for 2 karts at the track. Plus the Double Decker is simple to use. Set first kart on on floor of first stand, install stand stilts, install second stand on stilts, set second kart on top of second stand. Tie karts down to stands and roll in the trailer. Store the T-bars under stands when in transport. The Double Decker Kartstand will fit in any standard height trailer. The rear wheel assemblies can be remove in less than a minute to not interfere with radiators tall engines.

All of the stands are hand built, with .095 wall square steel tubing. Each unit is powdercoated in Gloss Black or Bright Blue for a tough durable finish that will last for many years. 10-inch pneumatic tires and casters allow for easy rolling over some of the roughest terrain at the racetrack or home. Built for the right height makes working on your kart easy on your back.